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Custom Surfboards Custom Shaping Grom surfboards


Underground offers a wide range of surfboard shapes and styles. From groms on high performance shortboards right through to performance longboards – we have surfboards to cater for every surfer. 

Underground's custom boards are hand crafted with precision to meet individual specifications working with the best materials available and top quality blanks, resin, glass and fins.

CLICK HERE for comments from surfers ripping it up on Underground boards and check out our Team Rider pages.

Contact us and tell us about your surfing ability and what you wish to be able to achieve on a surfboard and we will suggest the appropriate way forward, no matter what your skill level.

We have a strategic approach in custom building where we create the best shape and dimensions for you as an individual, and select the best shaper, glasser and sander from our team to create the perfect board.

Our aim is to increase your skill level with the least amount of effort and this means you need the most appropriate equipment.

CLICK HERE or more information on Underground shapes and some photos of surfers ripping it up.

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