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Underground Surf Shapes



The Underground focus is matching surfers at all stages of their surfing career, to the perfect board.

We are passionate about choosing the right shaper, glasser and sander for your model. Whether it be one of our master shapers with extraordinary experience and skill with a particular shape or one of our young guns pushing the envelope with the latest technology, we will design and build the perfect stick to take you next level.

We have spent well over a decade in shaping bays along the coast from NSW to Northern Queensland and we have hand-picked the best team of shapers, glassers and finishers to build our Underground models.

This means that if we design you your own individual stick you are getting a twin fin from the twinnie master, if you are investing in a performance longboard, its from the best log specialists in the biz and if you are after a performance whip, our shortboard guys will be building you a weapon.

We always have plenty of boards in stock or hit us up for a custom and we’ll design you the perfect surfboard for you.

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