We source and value boards from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Drop in and see original old-school single fins, twinnies and some of the first thrusters, shaped by legendary shapers from each era.

We provide free valuations on vintage surfboards, buy vintage boards and offer limited consignment opportunities.

Drop in with your vintage board and chat to Andre 'Ondi' Marsaus the surfboard 'Wiki', about it's history and value and see what gems have landed in the store each week. Michael Peterson, Mark Richards, McCoy, Aragorn, Joe Larkin, McTavish, Gordon Woods, Gordon and Smith, Bennett, Farrelly, Keyo, Adler, Hohensee, George Rice, Wayne Lynch, Greg Noll, San Juan, Friar Tuck, Gerry Lopez, Valzy, Skip Fry, Dempsey, Gordon and Black, Mitchell Rae and Hot Stuff boards have moved through Underground on a regular basis just to name a few.  

check out our media page for a snapshot of Ondi featured in newspapers, videos, surf magazines and on-line with his personal collection and experience with vintage boards.

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