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Tomo Surfboards

“Harmonizing established principles of Fluid Dynamics with a design ethos that reduces the modern surfboard down to its purist essential elements.”


Resides: San Diego California / Lennox Head Australia.

Occupation: Professional Surfer / Surfboard Designer / Shaper.

Mission: To create the most advanced high performance surf crafts ever built.

Tomo is a dedicated and inspired free surfer and surfboard designer, At 33 years old he is already being touted as a design guru with the arrival of his u

ltra modern Performance planning concepts.

Backed up by high level of surfing ability and mentoring from some of the sports most legendary surfers and designers Tomo appears to have developed a ‘sixth sense” for developing some of the most radical and unique performance surfboards we have seen in years.

“Daniel’s boards are a futuristic expression of his surfing. His oeuvre includes every imaginable maneuver all linked together with fluid lines. He speaks of progression as a virtue, Imagine wakeboards as surfboards, flips and multi-rotation aerials the new norm.

But through it all, Tomo’s work echoes many of the defining ideals of his rich past and the traditional fish period has gifted a residual fluidity to his surfing – a pleasant juxtaposition to the high tech surf package that is Tomo’s surf act”.

Excerpts from ‘Surfers Path’ Magazine Issue 78 May/June 2010. Words by Andrew Smith