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Ralph Riddell


Ralph Riddell is an enigma. The more you find out about him, the more you come to realise this guy could shape just about anything on the planet with ease. His skill on the tools with fibreglass and foam is nothing short of incredible.

Ralph has had a long term relationship and involvement in the surfboard industry in Australia and Hawaii and has gained tremendous knowledge of the various processes incorporated in the design, formation and construction of surfboards.

There’s highly skilled tradesmen, talented artists and surfboard master craftsmen... and then there’s Ralph. High-performance shortboards and retro surfboards precision tuned to the finest detail to meet your requirements... all 100% hand made. Limited edition art pieces that will captivate and create a sense of wonderment. Restorations and ding repairs of all kinds of watercraft.

Underground has been working with Ralph since it began and his art pieces, quality of work and incredible boards never cease to raise the bar.

Details with thanks to the awesome guys at Smorgasboarder Magazine.

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