UNDERGROUND LONGBOARDThe longboard specialists on 60's through to modern longboards for beginners to advanced.

Beautiful quality performance logs and noseriders from old-school to modern. 

Longboard fins, deck grips, leashes, soft board bags, travel bags and more.
Custom surfboards
Benefit from our custom board service and walk away with a personalised longboard to suit your style of riding, whether it's noseriding or performance.

Practical advice
Experience personal and down-to-earth advice on longboarding to suit your style and skill level.


Second-hand longfboards 
Underground is always after second hard longboards so bring your old sticks in for a valuation.

Vintage surfboards 
are Underground's passion. If you're after something special from the past let us know and we will do what we can to source it for you, or simply let you know when it crosses our path.

Longboard fins
Hand-foiled, fibreglass longboard fins and side-bites to suit every application. Vibrant colourful fins that perform well in all conditions. Underground are well-known for our beautiful longboard fins at competitive prices.