Takayama In The Pink Longboard 10’0 Green

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An ultimate high performance noserider!

This is definitely the most loved and sought after model in Donalds range.

Able to surf anything from one foot slop to overhead barrels, the In The Pink is definitely one longboard you must own.

Perfect for the rider looking to own one longboard, or someone who is looking to become more accustomed to the nose, the In The Pink will have you loving your surfing again.

DIMENSIONS 10'0" x 23 7/8" x 3 1/2"
SUITS Beginners to advanced surfers in everything from 1 to 6 foot surf 
CONSTRUCTION Hand-shaped, glassed and polished
PU Foam with resin tint and pigments
GLASSING 6 ounce deck x 6 ounce bottom x 6 ounce deck x 6 ounce tail patch
FINS Works best with 9" to 11" nose rider or performance style single fin