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Underground Surf

Midlength Mini Mal Surfboard

A great entry level fun board!

The Underground mid length mini-mal surfboard is highly maneuverable and responsive, built to achieve smoother turns on the wave face.

The width creates the perfect amount of floatation to help make paddling easier and bigger hips to allow you to catch the wave earlier.

Fuller nose with ample rocker helps you plough through the white water and get back onto the face of the wave. The perfect board for those trying to take their surfing to the next level or a great family board because it can be used by everyone, from the kids to the adults and the more advanced surfer in the family.

Dimensions 7'6 x 21 7/8" x 3"
Suits Beginners to advanced in up to 4 foot surf
Construction PU foam and polyester resin with resin tint and pigment
Glassing 6oz x 6oz deck and 6 oz bottom
FinsFCS thruster

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