Giorgia 'Gia' Lorentson

STYLE: Competitive 
DOB: 24/01/2003
BORN: Noosa, Australia
SPONSORS: Underground Surf, Rusty, On A Mission
BOARD CHOICE: Underground Grom Performance model
FAVOURITE WAVE: Huntington Beach
INSPIRATIONS: Tyler Wright, Steph Gilmore

- 2nd Place U16 girls Noosa Boardriders, 2015
- 1st Place Surf Lifesaving State Surfing, 2015
- 2nd Place Surf Lifesaving State Surfing, 2016
- 4th Place State Titles Event 1, 2016
- 4th Place State Titles Event 2, 2016
- Qualifier U16 Regional School Competition (aged 13 years)
- Equal 5th Place Parko Grom Stomp, 2016
- Semi-final finsh U16s Dan Thomas, 2016
- 1st 14 girls, 2nd 16 girls, 5th 14 boys and Most Improved Girl Noosa Boardriders, 2016
- 1st Place Surf Lifesaving State Surfing, 2017
- 3rd Place U18 girls Agnes Waters Surfing Festival, 2017
- 4th Place Regionals U16, heading to State Titles, 2017 
- Equal 5th U16 Dan Thomas Memorial Competition, 2017
- 4th place 14 girls Parko Grom Stomp, 2017
- 1st place U16 School State Titles MR Shield heading to nationals, 2017
- Equal 5th place, U16 School Surfing State Titles
- Middle School Surfer of the Year - Female St Andrews Anglican College, 2017
- 1st Place U14 girls, Overall Noosa Boardriders, 2017
- 1st Place U16 girls, Overall Noosa Boardriders, 20174th Place U16 girls Australian - Titles MR Shield final, 2017
- 4th Place final U14 Ripcurl Grom Search event 5, 2017
- 1st Place Regional School Competition, 2018
- 2nd place Billabong  @billabong_australia oz grom cup
- 2nd place final finish U16 girls Skull Candy Oz grom open, 2019
- 1st place event one Queensland State Titles U18
- 1st Place U16 Parko Grom stomp, 2019