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"OMG!!!! I haven't been off this board since I got it. It's by far the best shortboard I have ever had!! So controlled, fast, loose and works well as both a quad and thruster. These things rip. It has without a doubt improved my surfing (longboard and short)..."
Beau Nixon

"I've bought 3 Underground customs over the last 2 years - a Retro Fish, a Mini Mal and a performance longboard. Each board has 3 common factors - beautiful finish, quality materials and unreal performance!!! Ondi makes the whole process super easy, he's a surfboard Wiki and will help you get the right shape for you. I can't rate their boards any higher so, without saying, the 4th Underground board is coming soon!!
Santino Patane

"I absolutely love my custom Underground board! Ondi provided extremely attentive personalised service to ensure I got exactly what I needed in a new board - and it's allowed my surfing to progress to the next level! And the artwork is incredible. Love everything about this board!!"

Miki O


"Big thanks to the staff and shapers from Underground Surf. It is a rare treat to get "just what you asked for" when you order a custom board. The right size and look, the right feel, the right float. The board did everything I expected. Very Happy with my board, I will be back to Underground Surf for sure!"
Tony Marsh

"I was surfing a Sunova, which is not a bad board, but it didn't have the buoyancy and volume I like in a board, which you need if you are going to chase those big rolling waves you get on a good day at Greenmount. So, I got a 6'5" Underground board with a turbo concave (recommended by Ondi), now can tell ya, this stick is a ripper, smooth ride, nice drive and fast cuts in the pocket! Underground's MG2 fins gave me that 'spring' in my turns as well, it was the complete package!"
Tim Ausloos 

''It's a rarity to find a surfer and shaper at that high of a calibre, living in Hawaii I ride the top shapes from here and I noticed the Underground surfboards shaped by Jason hold up much better!'' 
Braiden Maither