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McTavish SurfboardsFounded by surf industry pioneer Bob McTavish, McTavish Surfboards have been in production non-stop since 1962. The boards have been manufactured under many labels over the years, as Bob has shaped for the likes of Barry Bennett, Scott Dillon, San Juan, and Morey-Pope.

The first major distribution of custom McTavish surfboards came with the ‘Bluebird’ model in 1972, the Bluebird was the world’s first production short-board, and had a great reputation for cutting edge design and performance, as well as impeccable quality. Thousands of Bluebird models were manufactured up until 1979, when the logo was phased out. Bob then established a surf shop in Lennox head, working as a shaper for Free-Flight. Wind-surfing took off in the early 80’s, and Bob began making custom boards, adding many innovations to the sport. With the demise of Wind-Surfing as a popular sport, Bob turned his attention to materials innovation, starting on a moulded epoxy construction process known as Pro Circuit Board (PCB). After PCB was phased out, a similar moulding process later went on to become Surftech Tuflite. The mid 90’s saw the introduction of the now famous ‘Big M’ logo, on the first ‘modern’ longboards, as ridden at the time by Australian and world champions Ray Gleave, Jason Blewitt, and Gaz Donovan. The Big M logo has had a few refinements since its inception, but is still in production today, on over 20 different McTavish models.

In 1996 McTavish Surfboards signed a licensing agreement with Surftech, to allow McTavish boards to be manufactured with their revolutionary ‘Tuflite’ epoxy construction. This gave customers a broader choice of equipment, as epoxy boards were growing in popularity. The McTavish Surftech range is still now in production, and features 5 models.

2007 saw McTavish Surfboards sign an international manufacture and distribution agreement with Global Surf Industries (GSI) which made McTavish boards available worldwide, in over 30 countries. This agreement allowed the International demand for McTavish boards to finally be serviced, and now 5 models are available worldwide.

The company has existed in many forms over the years, but is now truly international, with a factory in Australia, and distribution of 20 different models to over 30 countries. The McTavish range is broad, from affordable boards to start out on, up to high end collectables made from balsa, and other exotic materials. With over 45 years of experience, the McTavish team are working hard on innovation and design, to lead the next decade of surfboard development.

McTavish Surfboards NoosaMcTavish Surfboards Noosa