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Harvest makes alternative craft, specialising in single fins, twin fins, mid-lengths and logs and also the original channel bottom single fins, invented by Jim Pollard which Jack shaped first hand at Shane Stedman's surfboard factory in Manly in the 70's. 

Harvest boards are all handcrafted from start to finish at Jack Knight's workshop with the foundation of having 40+ years of experience and knowledge within the industry.

Harvest focus on quality not quantity and aim to keep the personal touches in all craft. All boards are glassed to be strong and last; weight is not a factor. They also love to use tints, pigments and fabrics as a means of adding individual character to their boards.

Harvest surfboard

Jack Knight

Jack Knight first started shaping for ‘Keyo’ surfboards in Brookvale, Sydney in 1969 before founding his own brand ‘Jack Knight Surfboards’ in 1971. During the early years of starting his own surfboard line Jack continued to work for other brands such as ‘Shane’, ‘Bennett’ and ‘Peter Ryan’, gathering experience and also being inspired by other great shapers of that time such as ‘Neil Purchase’ and ‘Bob Mctavish’.

Jack also competed in many surf contests but finally came to a crossroad at which he decided to throw all his skill into his love of shaping and finally went out on his own in 1981 with his new label 'Seaflight Surfboards'.

During the 80’s Jack left Manly Beach and set up a new factory on the central coast of New South Wales where he worked closely with professional surfer Glen Winton (MR X) who aided Jack in the development of the Quad fin which for the times was received as a veryexperimental design. Jack continued to shape all of Glen Winton’s boards for the entirety of his ten year career on the world tour until Mr X finally retired in the mid 90’s.

Harvest Oreo Surfboard

During the late 90’s Jack Shaped for big name Californian surf label ‘Spyder’ surfboards while still continuing his own customs from his current factory base on the Gold Coast where he has been stationed since 1991.

In present years Jack has returned to his original label ‘Jack Knight Surfboards’ under which he continues to shape each board by hand refusing offers to work for any companies which undermine the integrity of the surf industry by cheapening the product and taking the love out of the hand crafted experience. 

Jack continues to experiment with the most cutting edge designs, now working with his talented son Aaron, paving the way for an exciting future in surfboard making.