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Fuyu Logo

Fuyu surfboards are constructed from the best available materials to ensure a long-lasting quality product. Each board is individually hand-shaped and great care is taken with the fine details of bottom contours, foil and fin placement.

Shaper Paul Winter learnt his craft from observing top shapers at work and is especially indebted to master shaper, Mickey Thompson of Raglan Longboards, for passing on some valuable skills which he continues to employ. Due to Mickey’s influence, Fuyu is one of the few grass roots companies still resisting the mass-production trend and producing completely handcrafted boards.

All boards over 7′ feature Red Cedar or blond Amora stringers and glassing is premium quality utilising tints, pigments, and cut laps. 

Contact Underground for the latest Fuyu Surfboards shapes available.


Paul Winter

Paul Winter grew up on foamies, zippies and surf-a-planes before finally progressing to serious surfboards. His first board was a 9’6, 40lb log which took all his strength, and his brother's, to get it down to the water. In 1971 he acquired a six foot Joe Larkin single fin and watched surfboard design go through a huge phase of experimentation/design change that still influences his thinking today.

As he was honing his skills on the point breaks of the Gold Coast, Straddie and Noosa, he also made his initial foray into the world of surfboard making. He kept himself and his mates in relatively cheap boards for some time, working out of an old shed in his parents backyard. After finishing school, he did a short stint on prawn trawlers and cray fishing in northern NSW before committing himself to three decades in the building industry. He has now gone full circle and rediscovered the joys of making surfboards.

Paul loves the passion, challenges and satisfaction that go with producing beautiful and functional surfcraft and acknowledges the essence and soul of surfing through helping to maintain our local industry, aiming at all times for quality rather than quantity, and implementing feedback from customers.