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  • The late great Michael 'MP' Peterson holding an Underground Aragorn Kirra, 2010
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Available in single fin and twin fin configurations, the iconic Aragorn brand now creates handcrafted modern versions of the 70’s boards that were fast and loose (just like their shapers).

Using the original Aragorn templates and mastercraftsman the boards are known for speed and maneuverability and being super responsive for those fast directional changes.  

Twin Fin
For the surfer wanting high maneuverability, high speed and performance in the pocket. A favourite for the 70's/80's hotdoggers.

Single Fin
For the soul surfer searching for beautiful lines only a single can draw and getting deep inside the barrel with the speed to make it out. A true board for the 70's purist. 

Enjoy a little piece of history while you channel MP during his '77 Stubbies win!

CLICK HERE for further information on the legend of Aragorn.

Available in:
Single Fin or Twin Fin
5'6 to 7'0

Ideal conditions: 2ft beachies to 5ft points

Ability level: Intermediate to semi-pro 

Suits: 30-100kg

Construction Hand–shaped, glassed and sprayed on the east coast of Australia. PU foam and polyester resin with resin tinting and pigments available.

Glassing 6oz bottom, 6 oz deck and 4 oz tail patch

Fins: Glass-ons, fin boxes or FCS


The Wild Times of Aragorn Surfboards Kirra
1976 – 1981 and 2010 - current

The infamous and highly sought after surfboard manufacturers on the Gold Coast in the late 70’s Aragorn Surfboards, was formed by a couple of surfing louts Steve ‘Zorro’ Goddard and his good mate Bruce Greig. The boys built their first factory on Golden Four Drive in North Kirra in 1976 just in time to celebrate Zorro’s 21st birthday.

The Aragorn factory crew made up of Zorro, Bruce, Wayne Deane, Michael Peterson and Tommy Peterson were well-known for their constant mis-behaviour and wild times consisting of surfing, parties, beers, women and horrible substances.

Steve Goddard was dubbed Zorro during his time as a barman at the popular Patch nightclub in Coolangatta by one of the locals. He had tall, dark good looks, a moustache and wore fitted black pants with a white stripe down the side. He was also well known for his radical surfing and carving big ‘Z’s in the waves, and the nickname stuck.

Aragorn surfboards were known for speed and maneuverability and were some of the wildest shapes on the gold coast second only to their wild sprays.

The sprays were outrageous, made up of rude, psychedelic, gory or comical designs. For the local surfing crew they couldn’t get enough of them, people were totally blown away and the boards were walking out the door at a rapid pace. The only other sprays at the time were taped line fades and basics, whereas Aragorn’s were the full airbrush job and the rudest and crudest of the seventies. As far as the Aragorn crew were concerned, the wilder the better.

Visiting American surfer Mike Purpose and his mates caught wind of these boards and asked Zorro to make the Hot Lips Aragorn models which were sold through Kirra Surf. Zorro was later written up in the New York Times as being the most insane shaper and surfer on the Australian coast. He was also asked to do Ben Aipa’s label in Australia but due to decal royalty costs, he turned it down.

At this stage Zorro was shaping Peter Drouyn’s personal boards using Drouyn’s decals and shaping Aragorn’s for Raymond Manicaros, Serena Townend (Peter’s sister), Tony Rae (Big wave surfer), Reg Riley and Hoppy but the most famous was Michael ‘MP’ Peterson.

Aragorn Surfboards paid $500 for MP to enter the Inaugural Stubbies competition at Burleigh in 1977, which was huge bucks at the time but of course MP made history on his self-shaped Aragorn and brought home the trophy.

In 1979, Aragorn moved from Golden Four Drive to MP’s factory in Appel Street Kirra where they joined forces and added kneeboards to the line-up.

The Aragorn surf shop also opened in Kirra, which Bruce ran while Zorro focused on the manufacturing. At this point Zorro had taken on other labels such as Ocean Boulevard, sold through Peter Drouyn’s Surfline store in Surfers Paradise and was making 15 boards a week, dropping them off on a Friday afternoon and by Saturday lunchtime they were all sold.

Even though they were producing epic boards the Aragorn crew were still a wild bunch. One Christmas party they glassed a radio and a resin dick onto Feather (the fin maker’s) brand new custom board. As the party progressed and there were no waves to be surfed, they decided to sacrifice it to Huey, and it was set alight.

The next day Feather turned up to pick up his new stick and was not impressed after hearing the story, needless to say they made him another one and he left a happy surfer. In true form Kirra turned on 6 foot slabs that day and the Aragorn boys were out getting barreled all day long.

Zorro’s memory of that time: “Wild shit went on!” Once they carved a tunnel on the deck of one of Peter Turner’s boards and glassed in some cockroaches, which they were amused to tell people stayed alive for 3 months!

In 1980, Zorro caught up with his good mate Simon Anderson in Narabeen, who was telling him about the 3-fin thruster concept. By the next day Zorro had flown back to Queensland and was in the factory shaping one up. Graham Black was watching Zorro create this weird looking thing and told him he was tripping but Zorro was surfing it that afternoon and look at the world of thruster’s now!

In 1981, Zorro and Bruce parted ways and Zorro kept the manufacturing side while Bruce kept the retail going and continued shaping the legendary Aragorn kneeboards.

In 2010, Underground Surf co-incidentally opened in Kirra in the same spot as the original Aragorn Surfboards 30 years beforehand, with a focus on retro surfboards. Underground teamed up with Zorro and re-birthed the label with the original templates and now produces Aragorn’s hand-shaped modern single and twin fin surfboards. 

Wording by Andre 'Ondi' Marsaus with thanks to Steve 'Zorro' Goddard

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